Our Features

We offer the best online accounting and bookkeeping services


1. Purchase/Billing

Enter your billing details for every purchase made by your business. Probooks helps in recording and tracking your purchase orders so you will have a clear idea of the money spent. With Probooks, it is easy for you to enter the data as and when you make the payment.


2. Sales/Invoice

Get paid faster with our invoicing feature
With Probooks, you no longer have to deal with large volumes of invoices and can easily convert your quotes into invoices in less than three minutes. Probooks makes it easy for you to generate and send invoices to your clients in a single click. Our in-built email service saves both your time and effort as you don’t have to send mails separately, streamlining your invoice processing. You can customize the invoice templates as per your requirements. Probooks gives you timely notifications about the status of the invoices, keeping you updated.


3. Expenses Management

Probooks tracks your expenses and categorizes it. From the salary of your employees to supplies to your office, you can list all your expenses in one place. It gives you a clear understanding of your expenses and lets you know whether your business is on track. These data are displayed in a pictorial format so you will get to know where your business stands and where the cost has to be cut down if needed.


4. Accounting/Multi Currency Management

Probooks allows you to make your accounting entries in multiple currencies, making your business transactions across the world easy. You can pay bills to your vendors and send invoices to your clients in the currency of your choice. Our multicurrency management feature removes the guesswork with foreign currency reports and offers accuracy as exchange rates are updated hourly. All foreign currency transactions of your business are converted into your local currency in real-time, making your work simple.


5. Fixed Asset Management

Manage all your business assets at one place
Probooks has a fixed asset management feature that lets you conduct audits of your company’s physical assets and equipment. You can record, update and view the assets and its values anytime from anywhere. It helps you keep track of your business assets, giving you a full picture of your finances.


6. Payroll Management

The basic information of your organization, tax details, employee details, salary components and payment schedule are all Probooks needs to get your payroll up and running right away. Auto-sync the payroll management feature with your biometric devices and captures attendance, overtime and leaves in real time. Probooks helps in keeping your salaries and taxes accurate using the data stored. Confirm the payroll by quickly going through the salary reports and confirm the details with ease.


7. Job Work Management

Manage your job works and follow up at ease
The feature Job Work Management of Probooks helps you manage multiple job works in one place. Here you can list your job workers’ names, their job type and the value generated in each job work. With our Job Work Management feature, you can issue the raw material or receive the finished or semi-finished material in a single click. You can also receive invoices and make payments to your job workers with ease.


8. Production Management

Plan, Track and Manage
Manage the complexity of your production process with efficient scheduling, giving you real-time visibility of your production processes. This feature helps in managing production processes ranging from supply chain management to distribution capabilities, offering everything under a single platform. Using this feature helps in simplifying the production process, reducing waste and improving profitability regardless of the product complexity.


9. Inventory Management

Know everything about your products at a glance.
We understand that tracking inventory is an important part of doing business. Hence we offer Inventory Management feature to manage thousands of products and orders under a single roof. List down everything from product’s picture, locations to quantity on hand in one place. Probooks has options to set a barcode and units of measure along with information such as vendors, movement and order history.


10. Compliance Management

Probooks simplifies and strengthens regulatory compliance across the organization, improving visibility into control effectiveness and ensuring timely issue remediation. Probooks manages the compliance requirements in an integrated manner. It aligns internal policies, laws, standards and regulations, eliminating redundancies. Probooks streamlines compliance processes with standardized workflows and issues remediation. It also provides real-time insights into compliance processes, helping you to take informed decision-making.


11. Financial/Statutory reports

All tailor-made to give you better understanding
Centralize and connect your financial and statutory documents and reports in a single and secure platform. Probooks analyzes all the data available and generates reports that are reliable and accurate, helping you take data-based business decisions. The reports can be easily accessed from the dashboard of the software. Probooks is the ideal solution for annual financial/statutory reporting of private companies.


12. Checks & Controls

Create tailor-made flexible roles
It has become necessary for organizations to protect their physical and IP assets along with ensuring the safety of their employees. This can be enabled by controlling the movement of people with a set of predefined rules. Probooks provides comprehensive and flexible ‘Checks & Controls’ feature that has been specifically designed to meet the access control needs of any organization, irrespective of its size.